Genesis Last Chaos Ep3/EP2/EP1 Hybrid

Our Motivation:

Our main focus on LC is to make it balanced game so that everyone can enjoy playing their class. We also would like our players to always remain in grind, doesn't matter if your main focus is in PvP or PvE, we have multiple systems currently unique than any other LC out there to keep you involved withing the game. As you get higher level, the exp will start to lower down which shows true fact of the x100 experience compared to official unlike other servers. One of the exciting systems in our LC is a unique currency system to buy pvp gear, you can also drop the pvp gear from bosses but there is always a better pvp set to obtain.

In our LC, you will be a unique player, unlike other LC's or even official where you have same gear, same title, same rings as other players just because its the best thing for you. On our LC, everything is unique and it is beneficial for everyone's unique experience whether you are a offensive, defensive, or support player.

-Cheap Item Mall
-25 cash every 5 minute
-Buff NPC
-Balanced classes - Every class have their own passive to boost their main focus
-3 Different type of sets and 2 different type of weapons to farm for pvp
-P1 Pet Passives for pvp/pve
-Custom currencies system
-Custom Daily quests with chain
-Custom repeatable quests for Cash Shop rewards
-Daily/Weekly Events
-Newbie Cash NPC
-Advanced Cash NPC
-Free HP Healer

Some of the latest News!:
Weekly Event!
Level 210 Cap is here!
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